Get to know our #WorkoutWednesday Team: SoulCycle SF

March 03, 2015

Last week we sat down with SoulCycle San Francisco instructors Molli Sullivan and MK Hurlbutt to get the dish on their fitness inspiration to get us all pumped for our Underclub x Soulcycle class. Both women started teaching last November and clearly love their career-- and they'll be sharing the love in this week's #WorkoutWednesday!

Meet the instructors, MK (L) and Molli (R)!

For those of you new to the workout, on paper, SoulCycle is an 45 minute indoor cycling class, and from experience, the rhythmic sets, candlelit room, and almost religious following of members make it a "part spin, part party, and part meditation" experience. You can check out a 2013 Today segment detailing more about the inspirational class (and it's passionate female founders!here

In addition to learning the ins and outs of the lingerie world, making time to incorporate my personal passion for fitness and wellness is an integral part of my weekly routine. No matter how busy or tired I am, fitting in at least a brisk walk (and maybe a creative core workout at my desk :P) is a must-- and when I can go tap it back with the SoulCycle family, well, that's the best way to #treatyoself!

So, if SoulCycle's sweat-inducing, rave-esque cycling session is still on your bucket list,

  1. Read on to get that extra motivation, and
  2. Get your booty to a class! 

Q) First, let's set the mood for readers: What’s your go-to song when you want to ramp up energy in the room?

MK: Route 94 - My Love (Dirty Twist Bootleg)!

Q) What's your favorite part about working at SoulCycle?

Molli: Undoubtedly, the best part about it has been meeting so many incredible people — from the riders to my co-workers — we're one big Soul family. It's also pretty awesome that each day we get to ride in a dark room, let go a little bit, work on our own health and contribute to the overall groundswell around wellness that's sweeping the world right now. 

(Katie: That's right! Once the ride starts, the lights go out-- this was intimidating to me at first, but then realizing how much this helped to get me into synch with the energy of the riders closest to me and the rhythm of the music, I loved it!)

MK: My favorite part about working at this company is the people. From the staff at each studio, to the other instructors, to the various teams that work at corporate, and most importantly to our riders. Everywhere I turn I am surrounded by the most supportive and positive group of humans I could have ever imagined. 

Q) What do you do when you don’t feel motivated to work out? How does the social aspect of SoulCycle help?

Molli: Having the right support to help you stay motivated is massive — and that's what's built-in at every single SoulCycle: a group of people supporting you on a journey to your most healthy, happy, awesome YOU!

MK: I've been an athlete my whole life and played any sport I could get my hands on, but when the team and social aspect of it disappeared in college, I definitely lost the drive to get myself up and on a run or to hit the gym. That's one of the things that makes SoulCycle so special: no matter how unmotivated you're feeling before class, the moment you clip in, the lights go down, and the music comes up, you just know you're gonna leave feeling a thousand times better than you did when you walked in. And that's what's going to get your booty up and out of bed for the next class too.

(Katie: Couldn't agree more-- tuning into class and tuning out life's distractions with a room of people in the zone with you is one of my favorite ways to feel present in the moment. And to say I'm excited to be riding with 60 #underwomen **and some #underful men** is a massive understatement!)

Q) When not teaching, what is your favorite class to drop in on?

Molli: YOGA and DANCE, hands-down! On the East coast - Alex Sharry at Y7 Yoga and Michelle Barber at The Broadway Dance Center. On the West Coast - Dana Damar at Yoga Tree Castro and Allan Frias at Dance Mission.

MK: Any of my fellow Bay Area SoulCycle instructors! I was a rider for 2.5 years before I ever thought of making the transition to instructor and sometimes I need the chance to clip in without a microphone. To give up the reigns and let someone else push and inspire me. Seriously, we are crazy lucky with the instructors out here. And I am trying desperately to start doing more yoga. TBD if that becomes a favorite class to drop in on.

Q) We started with some tunes, so let's close on a musical note. We are totally on board that the music adds a necessary energy to the class-- how do you choose your playlists?

MK: I try to design my classes to make them as fun and challenging as possible. I know how precious those 45 minutes can be, so we're gonna get to werqqqq. No time to waste. So, for example, if I really like a song, but it's too short (why is every song like 3 minutes these days?!) I'll usually look for a remix so we can hold that jog or climb that hill for a few more counts. I also try to create a playlist that let's the music do a lot of the work for you. If you're turning up the resistance to a Janet Jackson classic or a One Direction remix, it makes it a little easier to convince yourself to push past your limits and reach a new edge. Basically, my goal with every playlist is for everyone in the room to have that "OH SNAP THIS IS MY JAM" moment. And then I'll usually sneak in some new beats to expand your palette. If we're going to work hard, we're at least going to have a good time doing it.
Thanks again to Molli and MK for taking the time to sit down with us and pump it up in tomorrow's first live #WorkoutWednesday!
Molli Sullivan
Twitter: @MolliSullivan
Instagram: @ molli_sullivan
MK Hurlbutt
Twitter: @mkhurlbutt
Instagram: @mkhurlbutt

Hot or Not, the Underwear edition

February 19, 2015

Underwear may not get the main stage at this year's NY Fashion Week, but it certainly has showcase-worthy status on the celebrity catwalks of red carpets, music videos, and apparently, snow-covered mountains. Our countdown of the top 5 underwear statements starts with... a fur bikini.

#5. "Furkinis:"

Kim Kardashian may be the only one who can pull this one off. While a hot look for this Dash lady and likely hot in the literal temperature sense, hopefully this will not be an inspiration for future underwear designs! 


#4. Going Commando (and we're not talking about the brand): 

No doubt Miley and Cate owned these figure-hugging dresses. However, for as sleek, sexy, and sophisticated as these ladies look, we're a little biased over here on underwear completing an outfit :)


3. A Rather Public Appearance:

The Queen of Pop shall not be outdone-- beyond the clearly minimal underwear styles sported by Miley and Cate, Madonna took her risqué outfit one step further (and up), flashing her behind on the red carpet! It's safe to say she never misses a #WorkoutWednesday.

#2. David Beckham

Oh hey David Beckham...

#1. 7/11 Underwear Dance Party:

Always hot, 24/7. Especially if you’re Beyonce.


Aspirational (and attainable!) 2015 resolutions

January 21, 2015

Thankyouverymuch 2014 and HAPPY 2015! After a whirlwind holiday season, I’m finally getting around to writing down my goals and resolutions for 2015. In addition to loftier, longer-term goals (e.g., becoming a more mindful person, building an Underclub empire :P), I also love to mix in some ‘check-the-box’ goals that help me feel motivated and productive in my overall progress. 

Below are three of my New-ish Year resolutions, designed to be goals that anyone can add to their routine! 

No.1: Spring ahead & spring clean the closet

The next weekend when it’s too cold to want to go outside, turn on your favorite playlist and purge your closet. This can be much more fun than you would think...
    • Organize a clothing swap: One girl’s trash in another girl’s treasure. (My goal: organize one "clothing swap party" day.)
      • Clean up and clean up ($!): Make space in your closet while replenishing your bank account with eBay and sites like The RealReal. (My goal: sell 5 things on eBay; sell 2 things on The RealReal.)

        • Take it to Goodwill: Can’t remember the last time you wore it? Let someone else in rejoice finding your former threads. (My goal: at least two Goodwill drop-offs this year.)

        No.2: Make these body basics a regular routine 

        Focus on some small but key changes that can make a big difference in how you feel, and are good, long-term healthy habits to get into.

        • Hydrate: It’s great for your skin and overall well-being. Water flushes out toxins, carries nutrients to your cells and is great for your skin. Plus, here’s an excuse to get an awesome water bottle that becomes your go-to accessory. (My goal: follow the “8 by 8” rule- 8 ounces of fluid, 8 times a day.)

        • Commit to sunscreen: Use a moisturizer or foundation with at least SPF 15 every morning to help protect your skin. It keeps you looking young and keeps you safe from the damaging rays you can get even if you’re just sitting in a car or running errands. (My goal: WEAR. THIS. EVERY. DAY.) 

        • Keep pearly whites glossy with some flossy: Yes, you’re supposed to floss every day...but that doesn’t always happen. If flossing is something you forget about as soon as you leave the dentist’s chair, set a goal for yourself of flossing 3-4 times a week, then add to it as it becomes a regular habit for you. Fight cavities and gum disease, and make your dentist proud! (My goal: floss nightly with unwaxed floss, oh yea, the real deal kinda floss.)

            No.3: Remember why you’re happy!

            Even with all the great things we have going on, it’s easy to hone in on a negative thought and let our positive memories slip away. These little acts of mindfulness help improve your mood and rub off on those around you! 

            • Keep a gratitude journal: Jot down one to three highlights of your week, or a few things you are thankful for. When you’ve had a less than stellar day, flip back a few pages in this to boost your mood. (My goal: Weekly. Tip: I set up an IFTTT command to create a "Positive Reflection Time" note in Evernote every Wednesday at 7PM.)



              • Send a thoughtful note to a friend: Deliver happiness via a short text, email, call, telegram, pigeon mail, whatever! Everyone appreciates a good hello from a friend. Extra points if you send them a letter or postcard (who doesn’t love getting real mail?). Extra extra points if you send them some undies in the mail ;) (My goal: continue sending my lovely members their monthly undies!)

                • Remember to smile: for those who may suffer from BRF or maybe just need an extra pep in your step, smile more! Studies show that even fake smiling can lower your heart rate and reduce stress. You may think, "I’ll look silly smiling over nothing!" Fear not, here are some good reasons to:

                ... Crossing the street- see that car not running you over? Smile and wave thanks!

                ... Grabbing a coffee- did they just save you from a caffeine crash? Smile and thank them!

                ... Walking outside- pause a minute, take a deep breath of fresh air in and be happy for that very moment :)


                    Tips for Beating Holiday Stress

                    December 23, 2014

                    Have you ever been watching a holiday movie and seen a happy, beautiful family, gathered together around the dinner table, laughing and smiling, and found yourself wondering, “Who are these people? Why isn’t there more yelling?”

                    While there is tons to celebrate over the holidays, the season can also be tough for many reasons: traveling, stretched budgets, good ‘ol family quirks, etc., so be sure to take care of yourself so you can be happy and healthy when the new year arrives!

                    Here are some of the Underclub team’s favorite tips to thrive in your last days of 2014 (and avoid a holiday meltdown :P).

                    Schedule in some “you” time

                    Whether you’re the star of the family gatherings or a natural introvert, spending tons of time with family and friends that you haven’t seen in a year can be exhausting! Be sure to schedule in at least a few minutes of “you” time each day, whether it’s enjoying a solo walk around the neighborhood, reading a book after everyone goes to sleep, or doing a few minutes of yoga or meditation.

                    There’s an app for that! The Calm app for iPhone even has intros on how to meditate for beginners like us!

                    Indulge! … but not too much

                    One of the best parts of the holiday season is indulging on festive drinks, cookies, and heavy holiday meals. However, after a few days of eating, drinking, and being merry, you might start to feel a bit under the weather. Observing a Meatless Monday or pre-planning healthy lunches for the week ahead is a great way to still get your fruits and veggies in without completely missing the fun of holiday food!

                    Food & Wine has some great recipes for warm winter salads! 

                    Take care of your skin

                    Dry plane air, diet changes (holiday leftovers for days, anyone?!), different climates, and stress can all wreak havoc on your skin. To avoid looking like Rudolph, we recommend using Bliss Spa’s Steep Clean Pore Purifying Mask and then following up with a heavy-duty moisturizer to give your skin some extra oomph!

                    After some east to west coast hopping, this is your skin’s savior!


                    Dress for success

                    Here at Underclub, we know a great pair of underwear can brighten your whole day : ) For doing battle at the mall, try putting on something extra fierce––like a patterned Commando thong or a Montelle tanga––to give you the confidence you need to take on the toughest store return policy. Long day of travel ahead? While you might not be able to upgrade your seat, you can always upgrade your underwear with a super-comfy Fleur’t boyshort or Natori brief!

                     Enjoy the last few weeks of 2014 and get ready to take on 2015!


                    Underclub Holiday Gifting Favorites

                    December 19, 2014

                    Still looking for that perfect gift for a friend, family member, or significant other?  Or looking for just the right thing to ‘accidentally’ leave open on your browser as a not so subtle hint to your secret santa?  No worries, we’ve pooled some people in the Underclub office to see what they’re loving right now… and in case you know us… *cough… as they say, ‘tis the season ;)

                    Tartine, cook book.  

                    “I absolutely love San Francisco’s Tartine Bakery but I can’t stomach the line at eight in the morning! Luckily, I love to cook, and having the Tartine cookbook would help me make my own delicious treats!  

                    - Anne

                    Freda Salvador, ankle boots.

                    “I’ve secretly had my eye on this pair of fishbone haircalf + black grained calf booties for a little while now!  I love the pattern not to mention mixing style and comfort are mottos around here! We also love supporting a brand with SF roots run by female entrepreneurs!”

                  • - Chrissy

                  • Ballpark Blueprints, AT&T Park.


                    “With Pablo Sandoval leaving the Giants for the Redsox I’ve had to ditch all Panda related merchandize (probably a good choice anyways). I spotted this really cool blueprint poster of AT&T Park and figured it’d look great framed in my place for the long haul - regardless of who’s on the team.”

                    - Calen

                    TCHO Chocolates, chocolate!!

                    “Whether hosting or attending a friends holiday party, I like to have another gift option other than the standard bottle of wine. These local SF TCHO chocolates are delicious and a creative way to say “Thank You” that people really enjoy!”

                    - Caroline

                    Class Pass, gym membership.

                    “You can finally go to all these boutique gym classes at an affordable price! I know after a long day of work at Underclub there’s nothing better physically and mentally than sweating it out a Barre or TRX class to mix up your regular gym routine.”

                    - Katie


                    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times–– #TBT the office holiday party

                    December 11, 2014

                    We’re really excited for ugly sweaters, egg nog, and off-key sing-alongs to “All I Want for Christmas is You”, and in tribute to the upcoming celebrations, we’re doing a #tbt to some cautionary tales from the Ghosts of Holiday Parties Past: 

                    When the Weather Outside is Frightful…

                    “The night of my company’s holiday party in DC, they were forecasting snow to start during the party, but we figured it couldn’t possibly be that bad. When the party ended, the entire company went outside and instead of a winter wonderland, it was Snowmaggedon. Complete chaos broke out as people frantically tried to figure out how to get home. One friend got turned away from a cab because the driver was afraid to go uphill. One group of coworkers ended up spending the night in the closest hotel--which happened to be the W-- adding an unexpected charge to holiday credit card bills. I managed to catch the last Metro, and then walked half a mile in the snow to get back to my apartment--fortunately, my heels worked as nice little ice axes to keep me from ending up face down in the snow.”--Anne

                    The Downside of Chivalry…

                    “At a holiday party in Chicago, one of my coworkers lost her coat at some point in the evening. If you’ve ever spent time in Chicago in the winter, you know how dire of a situation this is. Another coworker, a true gentleman, lent her his coat and hailed a cab for her. Having done his good deed for the night, he went home to dream of sugarplums. At the door of his apartment, he reached for his keys in his pocket...and found nothing. He tried his other pocket...nothing. Then it dawned on him...his apartment keys were in the coat he lent to his coworker.”--Calen

                    Leaning in a Bit Too Far…

                    “I went as a date to a friend’s office holiday party. He worked in finance in New York, and as is the case at many firms in that industry, most of his coworkers were men.  I think it’s important to advocate for women in leadership roles and in industries where they’re underrepresented...however, it’s probably not the time or place to do this at a bar for someone else’s office holiday party. Toward the end of the night, I was chatting with my date and his boss, and accidentally let it slip, ‘The problem with your firm is that you don’t have enough women; the only women here are dates!’ My friend still jokes about my ill-timed holiday party commentary to me years later...probably because it was true.”--Katie

                    Happy Holidays from Underclub! (and shout out to one of our favorite shows, Parks and Recreation!)


                    Thanksgiving Thankfulness: Growing up with the Fritts'

                    November 26, 2014

                    There's snow place like home! I flew into Virginia just before the snow came, phew!

                    Thanksgiving is possibly my favorite holiday of the year, and this November I’m particularly thankful for my family, who encouraged my creative, entrepreneurial spirit from the start. Through some fun, embarrassing and exciting adventures, my family has taught me to hustle and ‘make it work’, to be fair and honest, and to build something that people like.

                    As a budding 7 year-old businesswoman, I decided to ditch the boring lemonade stand and wrapping paper sales, and instead came up with my first business venture: selling my own artwork. I definitely was no Matisse, but I did have an artistic edge and I intended to capitalize on it in my childhood prime. One day, I got the “okay” from my parents to set up shop in our driveway, and I remember being so proud when bragging to my parents and sister at dinner about my future artistic career. When they asked how I got so many sales, I explained that there wasn’t enough traffic going by our house, so I went door to door around the whole neighborhood. Horrified, my parents made me turn over my sales data and revenue (I’ve been Type A since birth…), and I had to retrace my door to door sales with my parents and return everyone’s money. At the time, I didn’t understand the unfair selling charms of a 7 year-old kid on friendly neighbors, but I certainly learned about pivoting my business plan to make it work when setting up shop in the driveway was showing minimal returns!

                    My kindergarten art lives on
                    in our bathroom display.

                    Appreciating "real" art with Mom
                    at the National Gallery of Art in D.C.


                    While I’m older now, support from friends and family still means a lot. When starting Underclub, I offered my sister, Caroline, the ability to participate in my early trials, knowing her initial participation was obligatory support –– she even told me upfront that nice underwear isn’t something she generally invests in. When we officially went live with Underclub, I was surprised to see a renewal order from Caroline. I even called her to say “thanks, but you don’t have to feel pressured…” and was excitedly surprised when she explained that she signed up because “she never knew nice underwear could feel so NICE!” Coming from Caroline, a hardcore value shopper, her initial conversion confirmed that I was onto something with Underclub. To this day, she is still a member and is one of my biggest brand promoters.

                    As Underclub has grown outside of family and friends, I’m still focused on continuously improving Underclub to make it a valuable and special experience for all my members. I read every review, comment and piece of feedback that comes our way because I want to build something that people value –– even if it provides only a small piece of happiness, that makes my day.


                    Virginia is for lovers! Warmer times in Virginia's wine country with the family.

                    Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving holiday and hoping we can all take the time to thank those who’ve helped us along our various journeys!


                    One last shameless plug for my elementary school artwork... :)

                    Underclub’s Three Tips for Halloween Underwear

                    October 31, 2014

                    We know you’ve thought about your outfit- what about what's going underneath? Here are our top three tips for your night out!

                    1) Some things are best simple. It was a dark and stormy night. The sexy witch turned around and suddenly...all of the Halloween party saw a rather unsexy witchy wedgie! The horror! Don’t let this be you. A simple black or nude thong can blend in and fit subtly under most Halloween costumes, and is a practical wardrobe staple for the rest of the year.

                    2) Cover your bases. Dressing daringly tonight? If you think your Halloween might lead to some serious table-dancing, tree-climbing mischief, we suggest a boyshort or a bikini as a comfortable and wise choice to cover your butt… literally and figuratively.

                    3) Treat yourself, don’t trick yourself. You might be dressing like someone completely different tonight, but you should still feel like yourself underneath your costume- ain’t nobody got time for uncomfortable undies! Wear something that fits your style so nothing distracts you from breaking out your Thriller dance moves.

                    Happy Halloween!!




                    Introducing Underclub!

                    June 23, 2014

                    Welcome to Underclub: Making underwear shopping fun, convenient and exciting! Here at Underclub, we are revolutionizing the way you shop for underwear. After talking with hundreds of women, some key takeaways we found are:

                    1) We all own underwear that we should throw out! Whether it is because they are old, falling apart, or just plain ugly, in sum, our underwear drawers could use a makeover!

                    2) Shopping for underwear should be more fun. For those of you who hate the one-off trips to the mall or sifting through endless numbers of bins and still not finding a pair that suits you, we feel your pain.

                    3) We need good quality underwear that fits! Choosing the right underwear can take way more time than we think, while wondering “Is this good quality fabric?" or “Will the waistband sit too tight around my hips?”

                    Oftentimes, we will settle for one “good enough” style and load up our drawers with identical pairs- no hate, but this is a bit boring when there’s a world of designers and styles to try out!

                    In addition to classic favorites like Cosabella, Natori and Commando brands, Underclub works to discover the best up and coming brands and designers so that our customers can find their new favorite pair and stay fashion-forward in comfortable, trendy underwear that's pre-tested for quality and fit.