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Chakra 3-Pack

Regular price: $56.25
Member price: $45.00

Product Description

What if you could put on a pair of underwear that helped promote a little mind, body, and spiritual connection? We bring you the Chakra 3-pack - a specially curated mix of styles in colors to balance and clear your energy pathways. Choose from:

Grounding Pack: Red, Orange, and Yellow, these 3 colors correspond to your lower chakras, representing your foundation, emotions, and power.

Higher Vibes Pack: Green, Baby Blue, and Indigo - These 3 colors correspond to your upper chakras, representing Love, Truth, and Intuition.

Awakening Pack: Violet: Violet represents the highest chakra, representing our ability to be fully connected spiritually.

Trust the universe -and Underclub - we’ve got you and your chakras covered!

Styles and colors are dependent upon size/availability.
All underwear packs are Final Sale.


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