SIOBHAN X UNDERCLUB: An Interview with the Artist

SIOBHAN X UNDERCLUB: An Interview with the Artist

SIOBHAN X UNDERCLUB: An Interview with the Artist

Introducing the UC Studio Collection.

A Limited Edition capsule that showcases the artist behind the design.

This month meet Siobhan O'Dwyer, a digital artist who’s creative process always begins with a floral-based vision. Her artwork evokes positive and radiant joy in her vibrant pieces of art.


1) What’s your vision behind the artwork?

My vision behind this specific piece was feminine florals. The particular florals I used in this piece have details of deeper reds, coral pinks, with green stems visible-- all of which I feel bring out a soft, yet empowering and sexy feminine feel which matches with my love for lingerie. I wanted my vision on these sets to be recognizable and signature to my classic work, but also a bit of a darker vibe that makes them unique to seeing them on UC's intimates. 


2) What does this collaboration mean to you and your work? 

This collaboration is one of the most special to me. I grew up as a competitive dancer wearing a lot of beautifully detailed, handmade pieces every time I performed that truly resembled a lot of what Underclub creates, and from a young age I really began to value how important it is to feel good in the body you are in. Lingerie is something I've always enjoyed for myself and is a part of my self-care routine, just as much as taking the time to express myself through my artwork that you see here. Seeing both worlds combine is truly so special to me, and I am honored to have partnered with Underclub who stands for everything that aligns with my values and passions too. I think it is so important for women to feel confident, sexy, and happy in the skin they're in, and it really does start with intimates- so it's so cool to have my artwork and visions be a part of something that special. 


3) Underclub’s theme this month is Radiant U - when do you feel your most radiant?  

I feel the most radiant when I take the time to focus on myself mentally. It's my mornings I feel radiant-- I have a routine at home that I've grown to love where I spend the first couple hours after waking in some of my favorite lingerie pieces (I love changing it up with UC's monthly underwear subscription), make my coffee, turn on my music and spend time creating. I am really inspired artistically in the mornings, so feeling feminine and fully myself during my slow mornings really translates into my artwork and it's when I truly feel my most radiant. 


4) What is your “recipe” for self care during hectic times like the holidays?

Ooohh my recipe for self-care-- I have a few that are particular to me, and I think anything that brings your mind peace during hectic times is the best form of self-care. My life can get pretty hectic and busy normally, especially during the holiday season like most, so stopping and taking the time for myself mentally is something I try to be mindful of during this season. Depending on how much time I have (and where I am), moments to meditate or just sit with myself and my favorite music, of course creating is a form of self-care for me, making the time to stop and nourish myself with healthy food, going for a long run, a dance class, and indulging in a nice facial or massage. Plenty of sleep! 




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