Underclub introduces Siobhán O'Dwyer, a talented digital artist whose creative process always begins with a captivating floral-based vision. Siobhán's artwork is renowned for evoking positive energy and radiant joy, reflected in her vibrant and captivating pieces.

When asked about her vision behind the artwork showcased in this collaboration, Siobhán shared that she wanted to convey a sense of feminine florals. The choice of particular floral elements, featuring deeper reds, coral pinks, and visible green stems, creates a beautiful composition that exudes a soft yet empowering and sensually feminine vibe. 

Expressing her thoughts on the collaboration and its significance to her work, Siobhán describes it as one of the most special partnerships she has had the opportunity to be a part of. Drawing from her personal experience as a competitive dancer, where she wore intricately crafted and hand-made pieces during performances, Siobhán developed an appreciation for the importance of feeling good in one's own body. Lingerie, a cherished part of her self-care routine, aligns seamlessly with her passion for artistic expression.

Discover more of Siobhán's incredible work on her website or follow her artistic journey on Instagram @odwyer_sio9. 

Photography by: Madison Hudson
Creative Direction: Krystal De Lisi
Model: Siobhán O'Dwyer