Hipster vs Bikini: Which Underwear Style Is Best for You?

Hipster vs Bikini: Which Underwear Style Is Best for You?

Hipster vs Bikini: Which Underwear Style Is Best for You?

When it comes to women’s underwear, it’s safe to say that the styles can be endless. Even with all of those options, there are always a few that become our go-to favorites. For many of us those favorites are two of  the most-loved underwear styles around: the hipster and the bikini. Read on for an ultimate undies showdown and see what makes hipster and bikini underwear unique.  

The Difference Between Hipster and Bikini 

So, like, what is hipster underwear anyway? Commonly also known as briefs, hipster underwear is a traditional, full-coverage style that typically sits at the natural waist and offers up plenty of coverage in both the front and back.  Bikini underwear is similar to hipster undies in both cut and design, but often will feature a bit less frontal coverage and higher cuts around the legs and waist for more range of motion and to better disappear under fitted clothing. Overall, both styles of underwear offer up comfort and versatility, so read on to figure out which style is the best fit for your needs. When you need to decide between the two styles, consider these hipster vs brief factors. 

When to Choose Hipster Underwear

Hipster underwear fit more traditionally at the natural waist and provide added frontal coverage. If you’re looking for underwear that’s less cheeky, offers a lower rise fit, and made with more fabric, hipster undies are certainly the way to go. It’s also helpful to consider your body shape when choosing between hipster underwear and bikini underwear. If you have a longer torso and wider hips, hipster underwear may be a better style option to contour to your figure while also offering a bit more freedom around your lower abs area. 

But just because more fabric may be involved, doesn’t mean a pair of hipster underwear can’t be a sexy intimates piece. Shop this Underclub x Toast Emmy Stripe Mesh Bralette and High Waist Brief Set to add a little spice to your top drawer.

When to Choose Bikini Underwear

Bikini underwear typically sit higher on the waist and will offer less frontal and back coverage. If you’re the type of person who prefers clothing with a high-rise design, bikini undies are your perfect match.  For people who have a shorter torso, more narrow hips, or who prefer a bit more shaping and support around the tummy and mid-section areas, bikini underwear are a great option since they offer up extra coverage at the hips and naturally streamline the curves of the body.

Additionally, the bikini underwear design is a great alternative to thongs for when you’re slipping into skirts, dresses, or high-rise jeans that may be a bit more form-fitting. Snag a few new pairs of sweet and sexy bikini underwear like this Underclub Juniper High Leg Bikini or this Peche Celeste Bikini at the Underclub shop. 

Ultimately, both bikini underwear and hipster underwear have design features that provide comfort, coverage, and a flattering fit that we’ve all come to love and rely on no matter the occasion. Whatever your preference, Underclub is here to help you discover the right underwear for your shape, size, personal style, and day-to-day life. Still can’t quite decide which undies style is best for you? We’ve got your backside! Consider shopping for a Love Yourself Underwear 5-Pack or a Spoil Yourself Underwear 10-Pack so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

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