Our 3 Tips for How to Wear a Thong

Our 3 Tips for How to Wear a Thong

Our 3 Tips for How to Wear a Thong

We’re revealing the secrets behind the boldest underwear style of them all: the thong. Just like superheroes have an ultimate nemesis, an unwanted visible panty line (VPL) is the dreaded foe of any good outfit. Aside from going commando, wearing a thong is the best way to ensure your ensemble shines to its full potential without any unflattering distractions. Curious how to best wear a thong? Read on to find out our top tips for how and when to wear thongs. 

Why You Should Be Wearing a Thong 

Simply because of its design, the thong can often be an intimidating underwear style for people to wear. And we get it––very little fabric means a ton of skin is left exposed. For those who have never dabbled in the underwear style, getting used to wearing  a thong can be a big step out of their comfort zone. But we’ve got your backside with a few strong reasons to wear a thong worry-free. 

1. More Style Options 

Variety is the spice of life. And that goes for your underwear choices, too! Switching up your underwear style is a great way to add some creative fun into your daily routine. Especially when you’re feeling like things have gotten a bit too routine, something as simple and luxurious as indulging in a new lace thong or a microfiber thong  can keep things fun and exciting even if you’re the only one in on the secret. 

2. An Elevated Undies Collection 

Life is too short to wear boring underwear.  Having a few thongs in your regular underwear rotation is a must for those who want the best (and most flattering) intimates experience  for any occasion. Thong underwear often has a reputation for being risque. However, in addition to serving an important, invisible function under your favorite fitted skirts and dresses, thongs can offer up a cheeky confidence boost that only you know about.  

3. Extra Storage Space 

This may be the biggest reason to wear a thong of them all. Less fabric and material also means more space in your underwear drawer and laundry hamper. This added real estate can be better suited to stowing away other items or complementing your minimalist aesthetic. For the ladies who prefer things fully-stocked, more room in your intimates drawer also means you’ve got the space for a new Underclub thong set or two.  

How to Wear a Thong Correctly 

Now that you’re thoroughly convinced you need some new thongs in your underwear drawer, let’s explore the correct way to wear a thong. If you’re in uncharted undies territory, wearing a thong correctly may seem a bit uncomfortable and awkward, but we’ve got some helpful tips that will make the transition much more seamless. The biggest and most noticeable difference when wearing a thong is that the front is the only full-coverage area. This means your bottom (yes, cheeks and all), are left exposed for a more flattering look when wearing form-fitting clothes.  

Thongs have different style variations and can range from the saucy G-string to a more traditional style with a wider waistband for added coverage. No matter what thong style you choose, these pointers will help ensure you’re wearing a thong the right way.  

1. Know Your Correct Underwear Size

Regardless of the style, the key to finding the right underwear for you always starts with choosing the right size. Wearing a thong that doesn’t fit properly can lead to discomfort and potential wardrobe malfunctions like riding up or visible hide lines where they don’t belong. Check out the Underclub size guide, which also includes extended sizing measurements, to help decide what underwear size works best for you. 

2. Position Your Waistband Properly

 A good fitting thong should never rise above your clothing belt line. Choose a thong with the same rise as the garment you’ll be wearing. For example, if you want to slip into high-rise leggings, opt for a high-rise thong. Your thong waistband should be comfortable, secure and should always fall wherever your garment’s natural waist hits, which in turn helps you avoid VPL like a well-tailored pro.  

3. Choose Comfortable Fabric 

Underwear should always make you feel and look your best. When it comes down to it, the right thong should be made from fabric that feels good against your skin, provides ventilation and blends in seamlessly under your favorite clothes.  

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