Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas | Underclub

Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas | Underclub

Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas | Underclub

Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

POV: you’ve been invited to a wedding but you have no idea what to gift the happy couple and the ceremony is now only a few days (or hours) away. You could send them an eclectic mix of candle sticks and bath towels leftover on the registry, but you want to do better... We’ve all been there. 

Last-minute wedding gift shopping can be stressful, but Underclub is here to help you win the best wedding guest ever award with unique wedding presents that the happy couple will not only love, but one they’ll likely use right away. Need awesome gift ideas in a pinch? Read on to learn more about our best ideas for last minute wedding gifts.

Unique Wedding Gifts for Couples

No matter who the wedding bells are ringing for, giving the newlyweds a gift that isn’t über predictable (no shade to the small appliances and monogrammed linens on the list) is a great way to wish them well in their new journey together. 

Tickets to a Show

Skip the already-picked-through registry and go completely off-script with an experience gift the newlyweds won’t soon forget. Does the happy couple have a favorite musical, a favorite sports team, or a special song? Gift the lovebirds with tickets to a Broadway show, a season opener, or a music concert.  Not only does this gift help them create memories together as a newly married unit, it also helps them keep things exciting after the reception is long over and day-to-day life becomes routine. 

A Couple’s Massage 

You only need to be part of a bridal party once to know that planning a wedding can be downright stressful, for both betrothed parties involved.  Gifting a couples massage is a great way to acknowledge the couple’s new beginnings while also giving them the perfect opportunity to indulge themselves in a little pampering when all the planning is finally over. 

Something Boozy 

At its very core, a wedding is a celebration. And what’s a good party without some equally good beverages? Give your newlywed couple something to toast their nuptials with once the guests go home and the cake is in the freezer.  Consider a special cask of their favorite Scotch or give them an engraved wine bottle to commemorate their big day. Whatever you choose, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve helped give them yet another reason to celebrate their love together. 

Bride To Be Gifts 

Are you team bride? Are you looking for gifts for two brides? Thanks to Underclub, shopping for a last-minute bride to be gift is practically effortless.  All you need is five minutes, WiFi, and a credit card! 

Look no further than our Curated Underwear Packs for the fiancé in your friend or family group. These underwear packs feature pieces from women-owned lingerie brands in a variety of styles that are bound to surprise and delight. Although our lingerie is a gift meant for her, that doesn’t mean its benefits are one-sided. In fact, the only thing better than the bride loving their new lingerie is when they want to show it off to their forever best friend. 

Gift Worry-Free with an Underclub Gift Subscription 

If deciding on a style for your giftee feels a bit too personal,  schedule a gift subscription in just a few clicks and let the recipient customize their deliveries. Gifting an Underclub Subscription is simple and allows you to send a personalized experience with very little effort, so you can convey thoughtfulness worry-free. 

Underclub gifting options are available in 3, 6, or 12-month subscription plans, so you can pick the offering that best suits your budget and the occasion! Once you’ve selected the subscription plan you want to give, write your gift message and select the date you want the  recipient to be notified via email. On the day you chose, they’ll get an email about their gift and will be invited to complete their Style Questionnaire so they can start enjoying their undies right away!

Whether you’re getting married or getting some cake after completing your duties in the bridal party, Underclub has the perfect intimates to help you look and feel your best and sexiest on the big day and every day. Start shopping Underclub now!