Introducing UC X KÚR Sleep Set: All You Need to Know About KÚR

Introducing UC X KÚR Sleep Set: All You Need to Know About KÚR

Introducing UC X KÚR Sleep Set: All You Need to Know About KÚR

Introducing the new UC X  KÚR Sustainable Sleep Set. See what inspired this sleep set and the craftsmanship that made it all possible in our interview with Kasuni Rathnasuriya, the creator of KÚR.


  1. When did you start KÚR, and what was your vision for this brand?


I started KÚR in 2011 to create meaningful products that incorporate the age-old craft of handmade lace. I was able to contribute to something significant by preserving this craftsmanship and savoir-faire by merging it into contemporary fashion. Further, this supports the artisanal communities and creates new opportunities. 


  1. Why did you want to collaborate with Underclub on this project?


I love that Underclub is founded and led by women, and it’s a privilege to work with a meaningful brand that shares the same values. As women, we know how best to serve and appreciate the bodies of other women. In collaboration with the talented UC creative team, we designed and engineered a completely sustainable sleep set


  1. Tell us about hand bobbin lace and the craftsmanship you are trying to preserve?


Bobbin lace was introduced to Sri Lanka by the Portuguese in the 16th century and developed by the Dutch in the 17th century. Over the years, this craft has taken a Sri Lankan twist. Like every other craft in the world, handmade bobbin lace weaving is on the verge of extinction. In 2011, I started working with a lace center in the southern coastal region of Sri Lanka. For the last ten years, we have been able to work with many home-based lace weavers and the lace weaving community. 


“By incorporating handmade lace into contemporary fashion, we are able to preserve their craftsmanship and sustain the livelihood of the artisanal community. This is the best way to preserve these “forgotten" crafts as we continue to sustain the craft by maintaining authenticity without damaging the aesthetics.”


  1. Tell us about the process and communities contributed to this sleep set?


We wanted to create the most sustainable sleep set, so we worked with a boutique mill in India to source certified cotton. This helps support the water-hungry cotton industry by setting up standards and supporting farmers. 


The handmade lace trims were created by the “Sri Lankan southern coastal region” lace weavers. This order with Underclub was one of the largest orders that they produced post-pandemic. Further, we worked with a women-led production facility to finish the product. The industry struggled a lot without the usual tourism and general economic instability. This project was the "bread and butter” for all the small communities that were involved. 


  1. How does this impact this community?


Starting from the beginning of this year, Sri Lanka is going through its worst economic crisis ever. Fuel shortages, extended power cuts, and high prices on essential items have hit really hard on small businesses. Meaningful small creative projects like UC x KÚR really support not only creating responsible products in the market but also in the communities. 


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